Upcoming event:
Erased Cezanne
29th of August 2020 at 1 pm
performance, duration 30 min @ Rønnebæksholm Kunsthal‘s park
– open to public and entrance is free

Current show:
Rønnebæksholm Kunsthal

Astrid Holm & Co
Group show, runs until 30th August 2020
The artworks in the park of Rønnebæksholm, and always open to public, entrance is free

Part of my work is founded in the studying the history of the practice of the artwork, that is, to investigate how the artwork has been used at different times in our Western culture.
For good and bad, historically, the artwork has underlined our virtues, discussed our philosophical beliefs, enforced our religious ideas, promoted our cultural trends, and has been a method of questioning understandings, mirroring our tragedies and tracing our emotional patterns.This practice based research is to further understand how we select and preserve memory and identity.

I was raised by an art historian mother and exposed from an early age to Western art history, realising that art history was predominately male dominated and chauvinist. Since 1999 I have hoped to create artwork that sheds light and reflects on the structures that go into the invention of paintings in order to make a language of my own, incorporating a woman’s experiences and sensations.

The artworks are a wide range of materials: brass sculptures, graphics, installations, performance, painting, textile works, drawings, books, costumes and the invention of tools with which to perform or to make new artworks.

Selected exhibitions
Rønnebæksholm (dk)
React.Feminism (de)
Viborg Kunsthal (dk)
REMAP4 Contemporary Art Festival (gr)
Fundació Antoni Tàpies (es)
Horsens Kunstmuseum (dk)
Banja Rathnov Gallery (dk)
Michael Cacoyannis Foundation (gr)
Randers Kunstmuseum, Denmark (dk)
VIR Via-Farini, Milan (it)ed exhibitions

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