source, spring, fountain, origin, rise, descent, beginning, vibrant, vivid, alive, living, fresh, juvenile, breezy
rose red, mint or grass green, citron, grape, and peach, with occasional sun yellow and sky blue
mourning, departure, ending, spacious, dark, musk, twilight, nightfall
earthy black, smell of leaves in decay, airy rain on skin

(the painterly world, 2019)

Augusta Atla is an artist working in primarily painting, on the theory and history of painting. Her work questions the methods and history of painting, – collaging, erasing and re-assemble imagery in order to unfold methods of image making and to create a space for the viewer and herself to dwell on identity construction and the activities of humanity: our virtues, tragedies and patterns of love and loss. In historical terms, her working method harks back to Europe’s first cave paintings, leaving traces of both our fears and the virtues of a civilisation on a surface.